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Travel & Cruzin Divas 4 Fun is an evolving members club joining women and men from all walks of life, race and color to travel.  While collaborating and meeting new friends during our private organized adventures or events be it local or international. Our club is an online platform geographically located in Greater Atlanta, GA, reaching and connecting dynamic and empowered women and men from across the globe. Our aim is to ensure that there is a high level of contentment, comfort and relaxation among our travelling Divas and Dudes. As a member of Travel & Cruzin Divas 4 Fun, you will have full access to our private adventures, shared events and newsletter. We aspire to cultivate and foster healthy bonds within our group of fine and dynamic women and men. There is no membership fee to join.


We are a growing community of like minded and empowered women and most recently included men who enjoys traveling and connecting with others to share their travel and cultural experiences.  We are dedicated in serving you, as we set high standards in how we represent our members. We do our best to deliver our group packages to meet and suit your budget for every journey, by carefully matching and promoting excellence to ensure we are offering only the best.


Our goal is to provide value added features for all our group adventures. We only use the best, well established suppliers and local guides for our journeys. As a dedicated member of Travel & Cruzin Divas 4 Fun, you will begin experiencing great benefits on your first journey with us. 


Whatever destination you have in mind, Travel & Cruzin Divas 4 Fun has a huge selection of guided tour packages to choose from. After a few years of creating strategic partnerships with chartered guiding & tour companies, we offer our members a variety of tour options so they can decide and choose the ones that suits their preference. Your satisfaction is our goal and we want for you to have memorable experiences.

All on aboard! Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?  This is a perfect way to see truly amazing destinations without breaking the bank. Treat yourself and don’t think twice about it. Get ready to have the time of your life! Browse through our list of destinations, choose one of your choice, then get to know who else will join.  Bring a friend to share the excitement and fun and earn while you share. 


If you know of someone that may be of interest in our adventures but is not yet a member of TCD4F, encourage them to join in on our luxury adventures so you can earn a credit of $50 per paid traveler. Please be sure to include your referred guest full name for discount to be applied. There is more - read about our members and loyalty program- click here. Repeat travelers will not qualify as a new traveler. Discount will be applied to the last payment of a booked journey. For first time travelers earning the $50 discount; if a payment is missed, the discount is automatically voided and your invoice updated.


We will do our best to match you up click here

We recommend attending our social gatherings and meet-ups or become a member of our Facebook group to get acquainted. There are plenty of opportunities to learn about each other's likes and dislikes. This allows you to determine who may be the right fit for you to pair up with if you're looking for a roommate. We will only allow same sex roommates, preferably within the same age group and non-smokers. Smokers are allowed but must advise prior to paring. We strongly recommend smokers and members with unusual sleep habits to opt for a single occupancy or pair with a guest of the same.


TCD4F recommends our travelers make a few contacts prior to the date of departures. Guest who are booked will have private access to our onsite member’s forum and via our mobile app for video or text interaction. A private group for each journey is formed immediately after your reservation is confirmed. The group is to host discussions and a place for Q&A's. Roomies are responsible for making contact.


TCD4F is not responsible for unruly behavior although its strongly prohibited. Only fully paid guest will be paired. Roommate pairing is not guaranteed and, in the event you are unable to locate a roommate, you will be paired with one upon availability. Please advise at the earliest if you will require a roommate. Roommate pairing is handled on a first come basis but its not mandatory. If you choose to wait to be paired and the trip closes before you are paired, you will be asked to upgrade to the single supplement.


The money spent for a single room could be spent on attractions and or souvenirs from your journeys, just to add, single occupancy is priced significantly higher, hence we recommend choosing a double occupant room and get your DIVA friend or family member to join.


Travel Cancellation Insurance is strongly recommended due to the vendors' very strict cancellation policies. Travel insurance must be purchased no later than the final payment date.  This notice confirms that you are aware of all cancellation penalties and that travel insurance is available for purchase up until final payment (but prior to penalty start date) to protect travelers from many issues including possible penalties due to unforeseen medical reasons. 

Travel Insurance quotes can be provided at request –

please call 404-369-7258 or email customerservice@divastravel4fun.com or click the link below (helpful links). 


All cancellations must be done using the cancellation link. Please complete the cancellation form and submit. Please do not call to cancel.  Traveling members of any booked trip is required to purchase travel insurance to protect their travel investment. There will be no refunds for cancellations made outside of the given time.  Travel insurance must be done within 24-48 hrs. after your reservation. You cannot purchase insurance on the day of the trip. We reserve the right to cancel any trip due to unforeseen circumstances, at which time any deposits paid will be refunded at 100%. A cancelled trip means it will no longer be held. 


Please use the link provided for all general questions and answers concerning Domestic, International, Air and Cruise travel.  If you have any questions, please let us know. 

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