Jean McHayle

I have nothing but high praises for my experience with Nadine my travel agent..  my husband and I recently went to Dubai and had excursions booked. Before the trip we had an itinerary all set up with dates and times and the evening before we got a text informing of our meeting time. The excursions were top notch and well worth the price.  

Tanya Fearon_edited.jpg

Tanya Fearon 

 I sailed on Oasis of the Seas 10/2017 with Divas Travel & Cruise 4 Fun and my trip was awesome. Although I was missing my kids I did not want my journey to end. Our stop at Universal Studios prior to cruising was a great experience for me. Looking forward to my next journey. 


Karan Lindo

I had the most wonderful vacation with Divas Travel and Cruise for fun. We went to Dubai recently and we  had a  whale of a time. We were able to explore all the major attractions and at an affordable price.  Each aspect of our travel plans were carefully thought of. Nadine did not leave any stones uncovered. She is very personable and made us all feel welcome  and accommodated. I would highly recommend her for your travel plans.  She will NOT  disappoint.


Doreen Spenser 

Nadine was very professional, informative, helpful, sociable. This is my first vacation with a group and I didn't feel lost. Very good fun filled experience.. it was like I am a week of party. Very good arrangements  and plans by Nadine. For example, the tour guide, the sightseeing tours, the food, the entertainment, new photos daily. The sisterhood of the group was amazing.. Nadine ensured our safety, she created a WhatsApp group so we were all in touch with each other. Felt safe at all time. Arrangements for  traveling was so easy and stress free  with Nadine's help. Cost effective price. Very good experience with Travel & Cruzin Divas . Looking forward more vacations. 

Testimonials DTC4F

Janice Clarke-Woods 

That's me and the Diva Nadine right here on one of our trips to Las Vegas - where everything done and said stays right there. This was one of the best girls trip I have been on in a long while. Known Nadine for more than 20 years and when it comes to organizing events and extended journeys she gets my 5 stars. I am ready again to go tour the world. 

Tara in Dubai

Tara Jackson

I would like to commend Diva's Travel & Cruise 4 Fun for an incredible travel experience to Dubai. Nadine, owner / operator, customized the itinerary to fit the group needs, awesome lodging accommodations, great customer service and professionalism. I highly recommend others to become a member of Travel & Cruzin Diva 4 Fun, share the "Sisterhood" and create memories that will last a lifetime.



So at first I was a little nervous, but only because I didn't know what I was exactly getting myself into. Needless to say I am glad I took this leap of faith and went on this marvelous trip with these group of women. We went to Dubai and it was great. The payment process before the trip is easy.  Also everything we did in Dubai was included in our payment so we did not have to spend money over there (unless of course you wanted to buy souvenirs). Nadine is super fun to be around and definitely knows how to take care of her people! Can't wait to book my next trip :)


My experience with Nadine was exceptional. I traveled with her and a group of 14 women to Dubai 2/8-2/16. The tours we went on was breathtaking. I look forward to taking future trips with her.

Adrienne Davis

Adrienne Davis 

Where do I begin to explain my trips - yes more than one trip with Nadine and she knows how to turn it up a notch. When it comes to socializing and making you comfortable she has the hang of it. My trip was an experience for me, especially the visit to the iguana farm and the friends that I met. I will be packing my bag soon for my next adventure. 

Divas in Dubai

Melissa Forbes 

Done more than one trip with Travel & Cruzin Divas 4 Fun. First trip was to Dubai and I had so much fun. The trip was so well organized to this day I still cannot believe I got all that for the money paid. Next trip was a European tour from Paris, London, Amsterdam and Belgium. Let me tell you the places I went was beyond speechless. If you are on the fence about them, get off.  


Bernice Thomas 

This was the best vacation ever. This vacation to Dubai was well planned The arrangement was made to see all the wonderful and beautiful places. We ate at the best restaurants and the trip was not expensive at all. Nadine you have done a excellent job


Paula K 

Visited Dubai on February 8th thru February 16th with Diva sisters on the go and had an absolute wonderful time. Nadine did an outstanding job on the itinerary. Such a memorable trip and experience. Dubai is a beautiful place to visit and suggest it be at least once.


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