Nadine McLean 

Founder and main host for Travel & Cruzin Divas 4 Fun and owner of Over The Top Travel LLC.  Nadine is a graduate from Florida International University with an MBA in Business & Finance and a Travel Consultant. She is also a former Sr. Financial Analyst with The Coca-Cola Company HQ  in Atlanta GA. Her desire to host group adventures came about after a few successful trips with her very close friends and families. Over the years she has truly worked and developed this hobby and turned it into a business she loves and enjoys.. 

Kevin McLean

Kevin McLean 
Operations Manager 

Kevin is the Operations Manager for both Divas Travel & Cruise 4 Fun and Over The Top Travel. Kevin's passion for travel began about 6 years ago after meeting his wife and founder of DTC4F and has expanded since. Kevin is also a Master Brewer by profession and have worked with larger Beer and Beverage Companies. 

Tara Jackson

Tara Jackson
International Travel Ambassador 

Tara is our Atlanta based Travel Ambassador and is experienced working with groups and coordinating and hosting travel parties especially with Sisters/women. She is a resident of GA and also a Director, founder of The Spirit of Beauty Etiquette & Social Development Organization. Tara is a mother and grandmother of two beautiful girls and she enjoys traveling and exploring new destinations.

Meet The Team

Vernell Razor 
International Travel Ambassador 

Vernell brings passion, enthusiasm and professionalism to our team.  With over 17 years in the travel industry and having traveled to various regions and countries she brings a wealth of knowledge. According to Vernell  "The world is out there ready to explore.  The world is full of beauty, history and natural wonders waiting to be explored.  We are just waiting for you."  Vernell’s goal is to always provide outstanding customer service and attention to detail for an awesome travel experience.  Her saying is “Don’t Just Dream It, Do It” and allow our team to take you there.


Keshiah McDonald 
Facebook Moderator 

Keshiah is our social media moderator and she enjoys the travel industry and has years of experience working with one of the largest transportation carrier for travelers in the US.   She is also a well rounded traveler and have been to Europe, Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East. She enjoys traveling and encouraging others to do what they do best. She helps to motivate women to travel and to explore the world. 


Our mission at Divas Travel & Cruise 4 Fun is to connect and build a diversified travel community for people who love to travel and who are seeking like-minded travelers to explore the world. With our expertise and passion for travel, we aim to grow into a traveling globe network company with an opportunity for others to travel, explore and repeat destinations all at an unbeatable price. Our aim is to give something back to needed communities we visit in addition to serving the community we operate our business.